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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

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Do you sleep hanging upside down like a bat, spread out like a starfish or curled up like a baby? Your snoozing position says a lot about you and your health. Since we spend a third of our lives in a horizontal position, it helps to know what your sleeping habits say. A lot depends on your mattress, no doubt. A high-quality mattress and pillow keep you free from counting sheep. But on an average, your sleeping habits at night could throw light on how you are during the day. Here goes:

Fetal Position

For some reason, nearly 41% of people sleep this way, research says. They are said to be tough on the exterior, but shy and sensitive within. They connect easily with others, can be guarded with new people but once they make friends, they are open and warm-hearted. The problem with the fetal position is that it can restrict breathing. Try sleeping on your side without curling up tightly around a pillow to breathe easy.

The Yearner

If you sleep on your side with your arms stretched out in front of you like you are reaching for something, you are the yearner. 13% of people sleep this way. They are open in nature but can be cynical. It takes them time to make up their minds but once they do, they stick to their view. The position could leave your arms sore so make sure you change positions if you wake up in the middle of the night.

The Log

About 15% of sleepers stretch out like a log which simply means sleeping on your side. This is said to be one of the most comfortable positions for sleeping peacefully. If the leg is not supported, spinal or hip problems could be an issue. Use a thick pillow to support your head.

Freefall Form

Ever watched a skydiver falling freely through the sky, hugging himself? That’s what the freeform sleeping style is about. Instead of embracing yourself, you hold a pillow. It means you are friendly and quite a social butterfly but not one to take criticism lightly. This position can strain the neck as it is turned at an odd angle. The stomach and spine are also not aligned well, so your back may be stiff when you wake up. Use a firm mattress and change your position to a more comfortable one.


When you are spread-eagled like a starfish, taking up the entire bed, it means that you are flexible, a good listener, willing to hear out your friends and be there for them, but shy away from being the centre of attention. Starfishes usually sleep with their arms over their heads. It can trigger snoring or shoulder pain. Move arms down to your sides for a better sleep.


The stargazer stretches out straight on their backs with an arm around their head. They are confident, hold their friends dear and easy-going. Try to bring your hand down to avoid being sore in the morning. The position is otherwise good for your back.

Pillow Hugger

They sleep on their side hugging a pillow with their hands, legs or both. Pillow huggers are loving and love to be cuddled. Relationships mean a lot to them. They place their near and dear one above all.


They sleep in an exact position flat on their back with arms straight by their sides, looking rather severe. They are said to follow strict codes of conduct and have high standards of discipline i. In terms of health, this is a good position for spine alignment. It is great for those who suffer from acid reflux because the head is raised on a pillow but snoring may be a problem.

The best positions to sleep easily is to lie on your back, side or stomach, without curling up too tight. Make sure your spine is well supported, your head is placed comfortably on your pillow and you breathe easily, without snoring. Use a mattress that conforms to your body shape such a memory foam mattress from Pause & Sleep.

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