PayBright installment financing is now available for orders $100 to $1000 with no credit check required.
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PayBright installment financing is now available for orders $100 to $1000 with no credit check required.

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The Pause and Sleep advantage

The Pause and Sleep advantage


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    Baby Mattress

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    Pause&Sleep CoolMax Pillow

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    Pause&Sleep Copper Pillow

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Why Choose Us?

Pause&Sleep offers premium quality mattresses built to last at an exceptional price. All of our mattresses include a 100-night trial, 10-year warranty and free returns because we truly care how well you sleep!

Pause&Sleep offers the most comfortable mattresses built to last, for the most comfortable prices!

What makes our Mattress so Special?


Remove the mattress from the box


Place the mattress on the floor or bedframe and unroll


Carefully cut the plastic layer with the safety knife provided


Allow for the mattress to expand and breathe


I had been shopping around for over 4 years and never found what I really wanted at a price I could afford. Then I fell upon Pause&Sleep. Service was amazing! Received my mattress as per what was promised and when I contacted customer service they responded in literally minutes… I would definitely recommend their products! ”

Nina F. – Verified Buyer – Exactly what I wanted!

This mattress is incredible. It was super easy to unpack, unroll and was ready to be slept on that night. The foam top feel firm at first, but once you lay on it, it shapes to your body. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who wants a good night sleep!

Michelle R. – Verified Buyer – Incredible!

This mattress blew my expectations out of the water. My boyfriend and I both like different types of mattresses, so we were worried it would either be too firm, or too soft for our liking. We are both used a spring mattress, so we weren’t sure what to think of a foam mattress. Let me tell you, we were blown away!! Its firm, yet soft, while provide…

Kristina W. – Verified Buyer – Blew my expectations!

I had a spring Mattress for over 10 years. My back was constantly hurting and I wasn’t sure why. I purchased the Pause&Sleep Mattress and my back pain disappeared. The mattress provides amazing comfort and support.

Mubashar M. – Verified Buyer – Back pain finally gone!

Absolutely love the Pause&Sleep Memory Foam Mattress! It is my first memory foam mattress and I’m never going back to springs!

Jennifer C. – Verified Buyer – What a change!

We have made it easier for all Canadians to purchase a Pause&Sleep mattress! When you select a mattress to buy, you can choose our monthly payment plan through our paybright option.

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