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Q1: Where are the Pause&Sleep Mattresses shipped from?

All Pause&Sleep products are shipped directly from our Toronto Ontario location.

Q2: Is memory foam warm to sleep on?

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Although many of the other mattress manufacturers claim that sleeping on memory foam can be very warm, here at Pause&Sleep we have developed a technology that prevents overheating.

Our channel foam technology allows for constant air flow throughout the second layer of our mattresses. This means that the top 2.5” layer of perforated memory foam has fresh air circulating directly underneath.

Q3: Why do other mattress and bedding manufacturers talk badly about memory foam?

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The reason why a number of other mattress and bedding manufactures talk poorly about memory foam is because it is one of the most expensive foams used in the mattress manufacturing process.

By speaking poorly about the effectiveness of memory foam, manufactures convince customers to buy their mattresses made of inexpensive foam with fancy non-meaningful names.

Unlike other manufactures, here at Pause&Sleep, we use the best quality memory foam possible!

Q4: What makes the Pause&Sleep mattresses unique?

The Pause&Sleep mattress uses a custom-designed engineered channel layer unique to our company. This layer is a game changer! The engineered channel foam technology keeps the top layer of open cell memory foam feeling fresh throughout a full night of sleep.

Q5: How much do the mattresses weigh?

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• Twin: 49 lbs

• Full: 60 lbs

• Queen: 74 lbs

• King: 90 lbs

Q6: How long will it take for my mattress to arrive?

Given that some customers are closer to the Pause&Sleep headquarters then others, shipping times vary. On average, it will take about 3-6 business days to arrive at your doorstep.

Q7: What type of bedframe should I use for my Pause&Sleep Mattress?

The Pause&Sleep mattress fits most bedframes. However, we recommend the following:

• Floor
• Box spring 
• Flat Platform Bed
• Slatted Bed Base
• Adjustable Bed

Please note that if you have a bedframe that only supports all four corners and nothing
in the middle, the mattress will sag and you will not utilize the mattress to the best of its ability.

Q8: What is the Pause&Sleep mattress made of?

The Pause&Sleep mattress is made of a 4.5” support layer of high-density foam on the bottom, a 3” layer of exclusive channel foam technology in the middle and a 2.5” layer of premium quality memory foam on the top.

Q9: What is the weight capacity of the Pause&Sleep mattress?

The Pause&Sleep mattress can hold up to 500 lbs per sleeper.

Q10: How does the Pause&Sleep mattress feel to sleep on?

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Here at Pause&Sleep, we have committed countless of hours to designing and engineering the perfect mattress.

Pause&Sleep mattresses give our customers the perfect sleep experience, feeling comfort without overheating or breaking the bank!

With the constant airflow under the 2.5” top layer of premium quality memory foam, the Pause&Sleep mattress gives our customers the opportunity to experience what sleeping on memory foam truly feels like.


Q11: Question- Do Pause&Sleep mattresses that are purchased in stores or online include a 100-night trial?

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Pause&Sleep mattresses do not include a 100-night trial. Although, all Pause&Sleep mattresses include a 10-year limited warranty.

Q12: Does the Pause&Sleep mattress have an odor?

Just like any new product, the Pause&Sleep mattress may have a mild “new mattress” smell that will disperse shortly after it is unpacked.

We suggest letting the mattress air out in a ventilated room (open window) for the first few hours to dissipate the smell.

Every foam mattress on the market will have an odor at the beginning. We assure you that the “new mattress” smell IS NOT harmful.

The Pause&Sleep mattress has been certified by CertiPUR-US to be free of all harmful chemicals.

Q13: Is the Pause&Sleep mattress cover removable? Can I wash it?

The Pause&Sleep mattress cover is easy to remove and reinstall, all you do is unzip and remove! The mattress cover is made of high-quality materials and can be washed multiple times. If by chance you rip, tear or break the zipper, please feel free to contact our support team and we will happily replace the cover!

Q14: Why choose memory foam?

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When it comes to any mattress, memory foam is by far the way to go! Here at Pause&Sleep, we offer our customers the best quality memory foam to support all different shapes and sizes.

Our memory foam is 2.5” thick with a density of 2.8 PCF. What this means is that our memory foam is dense enough to support all body types without sinking in, and thick enough to provide our customers with the perfect balance between firm and soft!

Another big concern people have with memory foam is that it will cause you to sleep hot. For a number of memory foam mattress brands this may be true, but not for Pause&Sleep!

Here at Pause&Sleep, we have engineered a channel foam technology to allow for constant airflow. The 3” layer of channel foam we use is in the middle, allows for air to circulate in and out of the mattress causing the memory foam to constantly refresh throughout the night.

Q15: Do companies that label their mattresses as “organic” actually use organic foam?

There is no such thing as organic foam! The only element that is organic about their mattress is the organic cotton used in the mattress cover.

Q16: What do I do with my old mattress?

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Here at Pause&Sleep, we recommend that you donate your used mattress to a local charity. Although, please keep in mind there are specific criterias the mattresses must meet to be donated.

For any extra help, please feel free to contact our support staff to help assist you through the process.

Q17: Does Pause&Sleep provide a warranty?

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All Pause&Sleep Mattresses are covered by a 10-year limited warranty. Within 10 years of the day you purchase your Pause&Sleep Mattress, you are fully covered of any manufacturer defects.

The 10-year limited warranty includes a one-time replacement without any fees or charges. The warranty is only valid if the mattress has been purchased directly from Pause&Sleep or any authorized Pause&Sleep retailers.

To claim a new mattress within the 10-year warranty time frame, all customers must provide evidence of any manufacturer defects. For more detailed information, please email the email address provided at the bottom of the warranty page.


Q18: How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for Canada and the USA. Although, there will be an extra charge of $200 per mattress for customers who order from Alaska and Hawaii. Please contact the Pause&Sleep support team for more information.

Q19: Does Pause&Sleep ship internationally?

Pause&Sleep proudly ships to all of our customers in Canada and the USA, although currently we are unable to ship over-seas.

Q20: How long will it take for a Pause&Sleep product to arrive after purchase?

All Pause&Sleep mattresses are shipped within 2 business days and will arrive within 3-7 business days.

Q21: What happens if I need to change my shipping address?

Please contact us via telephone or send our support team an email to support@pauseandsleep.com and we will happily guide you thorough the process.

Q22: What size box will the Pause&Sleep mattress be shipped in?

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The Pause&Sleep mattress will be shipped in the following box sizes:

• Twin: 16” x 16” x 40”
• Full: 19” x 19” x 40”
• Queen: 20” x 20” x 40”
• King: 22” x 22” x 40”

Q23: Do I have to pay a mattress recycling fee?

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A mattress recycling fee is required any time a mattress or box spring is sold in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Here at Pause&Sleep, we greatly value our customers and their business, therefore we are willing to pay the recycling fee for those who live in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

So, the answer is no, you do not have to pay the mattress recycling fee!

Q24: When can I sleep on my new mattress?

Once you unpackage your new Pause&Sleep mattress, please give it a few hours to rise and it will be ready for use!

Q25: How do I unbox my new Pause&Sleep Mattress?

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• Step 1: Carefully open the box and remove the mattress.
• Step 2: Gentilly remove the wrapping and roll/unfold the mattress out.
• Step 3: Use the provided safety knife to cut and remove the mattress from
  the plastic. 
• Step 4: Give the mattress 1-2 hours to breathe and rise.
• Step 5: Take a nap!


Q26: Do I need to use a box spring?

Unlike some other mattress brands, the Pause&Sleep mattress does not require a box spring. Although, if you already have one, you can definitely use it!

Q27: How do I protect and keep my mattress clean?

To keep your Pause&Sleep mattress protected and clean, we recommend you use a mattress protector, especially a waterproof one!

Q28: Will I need to flip the mattress periodically?

No, the Pause&Sleep mattress does not need to be flipped periodically due to the fact that the mattress was specifically designed to have a top and bottom. Although, we do recommend you rotate the mattress every now and then.

Q29: Should I use a breathable mattress protector?

it is not mandatory, but is highly recommended!

Q39: What kind of sheets will fit on my Pause&Sleep mattress?

Any standard bed sheets will fit on the Pause&Sleep mattress.

Q31: Why does Pause&Sleep only offer one type of firmness?

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Offering multiple firmness’s (soft, medium and hard) is just a marketing gimmick for companies to attract customers.

In reality, if a mattress is property engineered, there is no need for “multiple firmness’s” because one type will suit all.

For example, the Pause&Sleep mattress has been engineered for all body types; the mattress will satisfy those that like a firm sleep, and those that like a softer sleep.

After many trials and tweaks, Pause&Sleep has created the perfect balance!

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