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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Toxic?

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You don’t need to be a chemophobic to wonder if things you use on a daily basis in your life have any serious implication on your health. Your mattress may be one of your top concerns, given that foam mattresses have claimed a spot in the list of allergens. Your foam mattress is the one thing that you use on a daily basis. Although sleeping on your foam mattress may seem divine, there are times when you may have wondered if your mattress is a healthy place for you to spend six to eight hours of your night, especially if you have experienced bouts of respiratory or skin issues.

Right from flame retardants to foaming agents, chemicals used in memory mattresses can raise some eyebrows. Many websites discuss the toxicity and potential health hazards created by these synthetic chemicals. In spite of mattresses being labelled as harmful, what is the reason why foam mattresses continue to remain a popular choice? Is it just misleading information rather than facts? Here we examine.

Many memory foam mattresses are likely to contain two core components: a polyurethane memory foam layer and a polyurethane foam core layer. These two layers are wrapped in some kind of fabric. In addition, most of these mattresses also need to meet some flameproofing guidelines and norms laid down by the federal safety laws. Although some brands have alternate materials like gel-infused foam, latex foam, or padding which is made from polyester, wool or cotton, most people are only familiar and concerned with the health hazards from the polyurethane and fire-proofing chemical component of a mattress.

One of the biggest dangers surrounding a memory foam mattress is that of VOCs and Off-gassing. Both of these terms refer to a chemical breakdown and dispersing of chemicals into the air. Many researchers have attributed these phenomena to cause allergic reactions among foam mattress users. These VOCs are present in negligible quantities in foam mattresses, and their impact may range from safe to toxic depending on their volume.

However, some memory foam sources like toluene, benzene and formaldehyde are likely to induce respiratory irritation, throat discomfort, amnesia, dizziness or migraine. Their prolonged and repeated exposure can result in increased sensitivity or allergic reactions too.

It is critical to note that most finished products like a finished foam mattress are not likely to contain high levels of VOC hazards. The unreacted polymers and components like glues and fire retardants can still potentially contain strong and lasting odours or scents which may induce discomfort. If you suspect that your foam mattress may be a source of health hazard or discomfort to your, it is best to speak to your mattress provider regarding the components and possible chemical exposure due to mattress use.

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