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Best Sleeping Positions to Cure Your Lower Back Pain with Toronto's Best Mattress Brand

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One of the most common ailments of the back is lower back pain. People mostly attribute back and neck pains to wrong sleeping positions. Even people who purchase the best memory foam mattress complain that they still suffer from lower back pain.

According to the Global Burden of Disease study, lower back pain is one of the key causes of disability across the globe. What’s more alarming is that most of this lower back pain is caused due to bad body posture, stress or strain on the lower body, awkward sitting and sleeping habits and poor lifestyle. If ignored, lower back pain can worsen with time, eventually leading to permanent damage. In the worst cases, one may need to undergo surgical options or back supporters for day-to-day activities.

To prevent back ailments, make sure to incorporate a host of back strengthening exercises in your daily regimen. Also, adopt an upright seating and standing position to maintain optimum posture. Here are some specific sleeping positions that you can try to help you to get rid of lower back pain as well as improved sleep.

Sleeping on Your Side with a Pillow

If lying flat on your back seems uncomfortable, sleeping on the side with a pillow between your legs can be a great posture if you are suffering from lower back pain. Make sure to keep your shoulder, the entire side of body and legs in the same line. Place a pillow between your knees. If there is a gap between the waist and mattress, you may want to place a small pillow for added support. Try to switch sides often, or else you may end up having additional issues like muscle imbalance and scoliosis.

Fetal Position

The fetal position is one of the most comfortable and healthy sleeping positions, especially if you have a herniated disc, you may want to consider sleeping exclusively in this position. To get this position right, lay on your back and gently roll over to your sides. Then tuck in your knees in your chest and curl your torso toward your knees. Make sure to switch sides so as to prevent an imbalance of any kind.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

We are sure you have already heard the old wives tales around the benefits of sleeping on your stomach. Not only does it help to alleviate bloating, gas and constipation, but also is recognized as one of the safest position for infants to sleep. The reason being that if there is milk reflux, the milk easily comes out instead of becoming a choking hazard. If you are inclined to sleeping in this position, try to place a pillow under your lower abdomen and pelvis to relieve some pressure off your back. People who have degenerative disk disease can benefit greatly from this position as it helps to ease up stress that is placed on the space between your discs.

Sleeping on Back

If you are used to sleeping on your back, try to add a pillow under your knees. This will lead to even distribution of your weight across the widest area of your body. Also as this position reduces strain on your pressure points, you will experience better alignment of your spine and internal organs.

No matter what position you prefer, make sure to evenly distribute your weight, keep shifting for balancing out the pressure and use pillows to fill gaps. Using these little tips can help you to ease the stress on your back and prevent prolonged back strain. In addition to sleeping positions, make sure to source a comfortable mattress from the best places in Toronto. Also ensure you increase back strengthening exercises, maintain consistent sleeping schedules and avoid caffeinated drinks for the best results.

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