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7 Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Mattress

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Mattresses are a huge expenditure and something that people view as a long-term investment. Most of us wait for a good reason to change our mattress. One of the most common reasons why people change a mattress is wear and tear. If the mattress has been used for many years and is visibly de-shaped or has started giving rise to discomfort, it is definitely time to swap it for a new one. However, there are more reasons why you may feel the need to replace a mattress. Ideally, there is no strict timeline as to when you should change your mattress. It really depends on who uses it, how often, your lifestyle, weather, etc. Most people will flip their mattresses once in a while to just balance out the shape, which is a great tip. But sometimes, maintenance is not the answer and a few problems indicate that you may want to change your mattress.

Visible Wear and Tear

If you notice signs of wear and tear like lumping, sagging or exposed coils (ouch!) the mattress needs to be changed immediately. Exposed coils can cause injury and lump or sagging can cause discomfort while sleeping. If your mattress has springs that are making noise when you sit on them, it is a tell-a-tell sign that the coils are worn out and you may want to change your mattress immediately.

Muscular Stiffness

Studies have shown that a wrong mattress can lead to or aggravate muscular pain. Once the mattress stops supporting your body, you can feel stiffness and soreness. You stop feeling fresh after waking up. This is a sign that you need to change your mattress.

Signs of Allergy

Mattresses are a thriving environment for dust mites and allergens responsible for skin and respiratory disorders. If you think your asthma or allergies have worsened, changing your mattress may help. Remember, even if you are regularly vacuuming and cleaning your mattress, after a certain time, it may still be time to change them.

Motion Transfer

If you can feel every time your partner shifts or moves their body throughout the night and you are a shallow sleeper, the chances are that your mattress is losing its ability to reduce motion transfer. An older mattress will gradually reduce its ability to transfer motion which means it will make your side of the bed move when your partner does.

Changing Preferences and Health

With increasing age and changing health conditions, it may be essential for you to change your mattress to make you feel comfortable. Memory foam mattresses are a huge hit among new mattress buyers in Toronto. Given that they provide advanced comfort, many Toronto buyers are ditching their mattresses for a better one.

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