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Surprising Benefits Of CoolMax Pillows

CoolMax pillows are a fairly new invention, and it’s something many people just can’t live without. Why is that? Because the cooling sensation that never goes away is essential when helping people fall asleep and stay that way. The gel center also...

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The History of Mattresses

Have you ever wondered where that mattress you’ve been sleeping on every night came from? Well, we’re here to give you a history lesson about the beginnings of the mattress and how they came to be. Neolithic Period At the final division of the Stone...

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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Toxic?

You don’t need to be a chemophobic to wonder if things you use on a daily basis in your life have any serious implication on your health. Your mattress may be one of your top concerns, given that foam mattresses have claimed a spot in the list of...

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The Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain

Dealing with chronic back pain can be frustrating, especially trying to sleep with it. Sleeping on the wrong mattress for your body can worsen your back pain. That is why it is crucial to find a bed that can work with your chronic pain instead of...

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Memory Foam Mattresses in a Box – Are They Worth It?

Buying a new mattress is no longer a retail chore. With a growing number of online retailers offering great discounts and even free home delivery for mattresses, ordering for foam or hybrid mattress through an online shopping website has become a norm...

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Organic Cotton Fabric and the Benefits

Quality sleep is important for your baby. The amount of sleep your baby gets affects their brain and body development, making it one of the most critical factors to their overall health. The only way to achieve the perfect state of sleep is through...

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Mattress

Mattresses are a huge expenditure and something that people view as a long-term investment. Most of us wait for a good reason to change our mattress. One of the most common reasons why people change a mattress is wear and tear. If the mattress has...

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Guide to Buying a Mattress Online

Online shopping has become an affordable and convenient way to purchase everything under the sun, including high-quality mattresses. However, you need to do some research before buying the first mattress you come across. Learn exactly what to look for...

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How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Work and Social Life

Jet lagged? Suffering from insomnia? Unwell and unable to sleep night after night? Watch out! Your work performance and social life may be affected too. A study on sleep habits in the United Kingdom has reported rather concerning statistics. The 1.3...

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What is Memory Foam?

Initially invented by NASA in the 1970’s, memory foam, also known as viscoelastic, was manufactured to provide cushioning and comfort during shuttle launches. It was so well received, however, that it was soon available to the public in the form of...

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Back Pain: More Than Just a Mattress Choice

Chronic back pain can be debilitating, yet is notoriously difficult to treat and cure for many people. For those who have back pain, sleep is often an issue. Having the wrong mattress or an old mattress can end up doing a lot of damage when you sleep...

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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

Do you sleep hanging upside down like a bat, spread out like a starfish or curled up like a baby? Your snoozing position says a lot about you and your health. Since we spend a third of our lives in a horizontal position, it helps to know what your...

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